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IT Outsourcing

We engage with and provide IT Outsourcing services to other players in the Software Industry. By providing specialized expertise, rapid team ramp-up and cost savings from our office in Bangkok, Thailand, we help our IT Partners across the globe achieve faster time to market and decreased development cost leading to additional business and increased customers' satisfaction.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

  • Cost Efficiency : Labor cost savings may reach up to 70% as compared with in-house software development or other IT vendors.
  • Clear communication and control : Our local developers are paired with Team Leads and Project Manager with international experience that clearly understand the language and culture of global clients.
  • Faster time to market : The ability to quickly ramp-up project team resources allows significant reduction of development time providing an invaluable advantage in today's competitive environment.
  • Availability of trained IT staff : The immediate access to our large pool of IT experts overcomes hiring gaps for IT professionals.
  • Flexible manpower utilization : Development teams can be easily modified and resized. Client companies can significantly cut down IT overheads, recruiting and training expenses